I Quit Coffee…And Didn’t Become A Bitch

Hey Everyone!

I’ve detoxed from coffee and lived to tell about it. Well, I’m almost totally off of it, but I still have half a cup a day, but if you know me…then your mind is blown.

I decided a month ago that I really need to slow my roll with my coffee. I was up to 7 cups a day!!!!! I knew how bad that was, but honestly, I didn’t really care. It took me awhile and some research to realize how it was affecting me. It even started making me tired instead of giving me a boost.

I was becoming very shaky (drawing blood while shaky, not pretty). I also started checking my heart rate in the afternoon and would be around 110. If you don’t know, that’s bad…VERY bad, especially for someone my age.

After that, I decided it was time to say goodbye to my faithful lover.

Now, I went from 7 cups to half a cup in one day. I wouldn’t really recommend that, because I went through major withdrawls (lol, sounds so serious).

I started replacing my cup of coffee with a smoothie. I mixed kale, carrots, and some mango. That has become my new morning drink. I can’t even believe how much better I feel. I gained so much more energy.

Not to mention how much coffee was probably aging my face (ew). Also, coffee was curbing my appetite so much. I’m eating so much more now but more healthy!

Let me know if you give it a chance!

Love always

Warm California Sun

Helllllo  Loves!

Today Cory and I took a Harley ride to beautiful Santa Cruz.

Let me just tell you, if you haven’t been on a motorcycle, do it! Riding through the fresh mountain air, you get to take in the scenery so much more. Cory recently bought a Harley, so now our weekends consists of traveling to awesome towns that surround us.

We got to Santa Cruz and had to hit up our fav restaurant, Woodys. We gave into our guilty pleasures and got the clam chowder and a chicken cesar salad. I wasn’t super hungry, so I opted out of the bread bowl. Probably a wise choice…but it’s so damn good! Besides the great food, this place also has a rad view. You get to look out the window and watch all the surfers ride the waves: such a peaceful spot.

Unfortunately, since we got such a late start, we didn’t get to hit up the cool hippie stores or even the local psychic (c’mon I need an updated palm reading!!!!!!). Buuuut there’s always next time.

Alright, I’m going to go ice my bum (those Harley seats are hard as a rock).


Apple Cider Vinegar

Hi all!

Today my roommate is really sick (excuse me while I put my mask on). So, I tried to be a good roomie and offer her some Apple Cider Vinegar.

She literally looked at me like I was a total freak…annnnd then TOLD me I was a total freak. If she wasn’t feeling like shit, I would have given her a lecture on how healthy ACV is for you. But I thought I’d go easy on her…she can just read this post when she’s better and feel like a total dummy.

OK, so, I can not get enouggggh of this stuff.

The benefits are great for both health and beauty.

ACV contains so many minerals, amino acids, fat burning acetic acid, and so many more nutrients. This stuff will also kick up your immune system a notch. The malice acid is an antiviral so it will help kick those nasty colds before they creep up!

Need an extra boost in the middle of your day? Add some ACV to your water. The potassium and enzymes in ACV is an awesome/natural way to get more energy.

Apple Cider vinegar has been used for soooo long (since 400 B.C.!!!) and that’s because it’s a natural cleansing agent that removes bacteria and germs.

As far as for working internally, ACV helps with coughs and colds. It’s said that ACV can help with premature aging and can reduce the risk of cancer Also, a good aid for weight loss. It helps curb your appetite so you eat less!

For external use, I make homemade face masks from avocado and ACV. ACV is a natural toner. Oh, Oh! And it makes your hair suuuuper shiny!

*WARNING* It does have a slight vinegar-y taste, but it’s not horrible.                                  


 I could literally go on and on about this stuff. If you don’t already have it in your pantry (which most people do and don’t even know it!), you can run down to your grocery store and buy a big ole’ jug of it.

The 15 Minute Dinner

Hey there! Here’s my quickie way of whipping up a yummy meal in 15 minutes!IMG_2090 

 After a long day at work, usually I just like to come home, put my feet up and catch up on the real housewives. The last thing I really want to do is spend a couple hours slaving away at a perfect meal.

The other day, I invited my boyfriend, Cory, over for dinner. I still wanted to impress him (hello, housewife status!!), but I didn’t want it to take forever. I had no clue what I should make. I had one of those moments where I stood with the refrigerator door open and just looked blankly inside, hoping a meal would magically jump out already cooked. BUUUUT, since we don’t live in a perfect world, I just started grabbing anything green and healthy that I could find.

First thing, bell peppers! I have a weird obsession with bell peppers. The smell, the taste, the colors! I could eat them all day (also, a perfect snack to bring to work!). I started cutting them up. I didn’t do anything fancy because I feel like they are great on their own.
Next, asparagus. I put some olive oil in the pan, sprinkled salt and pepper, then threw the asparagus in the pan. I let them sit at a medium temperature.
Theeee next thing I grabbed was squash (yummy!). I prepped it the same way I did with the asparagus, except I let them sit at a low temperature.
Finally, you gots to get some protein in there. I took some chicken (make sure you wash it!!!! Yes, I made that mistake once) and put olive oil in the pan and added some seasoning. I like to cook chicken slowly because I’m always scared of not cooking it enough. So I let that sit on low, as well.
There ya have it! A super simple and healthy meal. Have fun and enjoy!!!